New Era Introducing

New Era cap



The 2012 New Era Introducing contest was a multi-phase contest for “unique, up-and-coming talent.” The first phase solicited digital art to be showcased in an interactive online gallery on the New Era Introducing website at

In the second phase, 100 individuals were given a blank New Era 59FIFTY fitted cap to transform the iconic cap into a distinctive work of art while capturing the creative process behind the cap design; detailing its birth, creation, experience and influences.

In the final phase, 75 hats were selected to be showcased in a limited-edition book and toured galleries in New York, Toronto, L.A., and Chicago.

My hat was chosen as one of the 75 showcase pieces.

Bronze Age embodies a human mind steeped in the industrial and artistic history of Cincinnati, my hometown. The art deco brass doors of the post office, the soaring arc of the Union Terminal, the moldering rivets in the steel infrastructure of this timeworn river town shape our perception of history. Rivets embody the industrial juggernaut that rolled over this valley, while the laser cutter used on the doors and badge and the computer programming used to shrink and render a model of the human brain generated by a 3D printer embody the life force, and the irrepressible will to create.