Coptic Notebook Supplies

Hello! Thank you for signing up for the Make a Coptic Notebook (Free Virtual Learning) class presented by the Claremont Makerspace.

Here is where you can purchase your supplies and configure your notebook covers. Please note that these supplies aren’t being offered by the Claremont Makerspace, I have personally purchased them to make sure everyone has as close to the same experience as possible. If you are a member of the CMS, you can use the tools there (send me a message). Regardless of whether you use tools at the CMS or the tools I provide, you will need the wooden book covers. These will be shipped to you by USPS priority mail. But, try not to delay in getting them — I don’t go to the post office every day.

For your covers, you can provide me with three lines of text in one of the font choices listed below. You may also vary position (top, middle, bottom). If you don’t specify a font, I’ll assume you want middle-centerd sans-serif text. Try to limit your character count to about 25 per line. You can go over, but I will need to shrink it down to fit it on the cover. The covers are 8.75″ wide. You will need to fill out the form to get your covers and you will need to use the payment link to pay. Please do both.

Cover Information

Pay for Cover and Supplies

Cover and Supplies