Class Supplies

Hello! Thank you for signing up for one of my Free Virtual Learning classes presented by the Claremont Makerspace.

Please note that these supplies aren’t being offered by the Claremont MakerSpace, I have personally purchased them to make sure everyone has as close to the same experience as possible. If you are a member of the CMS, you can use the tools there (send me a message). Items will need to be picked up at the Claremont MakerSpace. You can contact them at (you will need to coordinate a time and take a tour!) But, try not to delay in getting them. If you’re ONLY getting the boards, just send me a message, because you don’t need to pay the .01 charge, I’ll just leave them at the MakerSpace for you and then you can coordinate pickup with the email.

The Classes

Make A Coptic Notebook

This class requires two drilled book covers. I also include a drilled hole guide. If you are a member of the CMS, you can use the tools and supplies there. We can also arrange a no-shipping pickup of the book boards (send me a message). You will need to sand / seal / paint your boards if desired.

If you’re not a member, or you simply wish to have everything sent to you, at a minimum you will need book boards. Once your purchase is complete, I will contact you about the art / text customization of your boards. The book boards are free, but there is a $8.00 shipping charge. Be aware that part of the reason I’m providing supplies is that Amazon shipping has been super unreliable time-wise. Plan appropriately.

If you wish to purchase supplies yourself or check your stores, here’s what you’ll need besides the book boards:


Book boards and hole guide (registered students)
Price: $.01 (I couldn’t set it to zero)

Binding kit
Includes awl, two needles, and enough waxed thread for the class. If no thread color is selected, you will receive a light natural color.

Price: $5.00

Thread Color :

Book boards (un-registered / repeat / extra supplies students)
Price: $10

Make A Chainmail Bracelet

In this class we will make a Byzantine-style bracelet. You will have to order the rings, but the rest of the tools you can source yourself or add the kit to your ring selection.

Rings and Findings
You’ll receive enough rings (measured by weight) to make an 8″-9″ bracelet. You’ll also receive a silver-plated bail and two smaller jump rings to attach to your bracelet. The rings are anodized aluminum so they will not discolor skin.

Price: $7

Silver :


Set of two flat-nosed pliers. These are the same style I use.

Price: $8

Pick Tool
I will include a bamboo skewer with your rings, but if you prefer something with a bigger handle, the pick tool is useful. It is used to divide the rings.

Price: $1